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Inside HOM Staff Series: Aryn

Posted on August 14 2019

Inside HOM Staff Series: Aryn



If you have ever walked into our store, you’ll know there is a mix of décor, styles, and design in our showroom. We have a little bit of something for every taste. While our décor and design inspiration is led by our Interior Designer and owner Robert Moseley, he’s not the only one with a keen eye for design. So, we decided to see what our entire staff thinks about design, why they love working for House of Moseley, and learn more about the different design styles they admire. Each week we’ll sit down and introduce staff members and what their personal favorite items are, and their preferred style of design is.

This week I sat down with Aryn and asked her some questions about interior design. Aryn works "behind the scenes" here at House of Moseley and has been an employee for 3 years now. If you have booked an appointment, received design quotes, or put in a special order through our store you might know her! ;)

What does interior design mean to you?

It is a personal representation of style and art all in one. 

 What do you love about working at House of Moseley?

I get to shop to shop all of the time. I look at beautiful furniture and accessories all day, everyday. It's an exciting environment to be in.

What is your favorite design style or trend right now?

My favorite trend right now I would have to say is copper fixtures in the kitchen area.

What is it about this trend that you love?

I love the pop of color that the copper gives, especially in a white kitchen.

What brand do you love the most in store and why?

The brand that I love the most currently is Comfort Design. I love the quality, the variety of options and most of all the comfort.

What is your favorite item(s) in store right now?

My favorite item is the Comfort Design gray sectional we had in store. So beautiful!
Stay tuned for next week's series when we see what inspires our HOM sales employee, Ryan!