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Simple Bathroom Transformation Tips

Posted on January 24 2019

Simple Bathroom Transformation Tips

When entertaining guests in your home, we often forget about focusing on one room that is guaranteed to be visited by your guests. This is your bathroom. While we admit that most of our time is focused on living and dining spaces, it is important to ensure your bathroom is on par with the rest of the decorating in your home. It’s time we help you transform that boring bathroom into a beautiful powder room.

I believe that powder rooms need to be the jewel box of the home.
Bold statement of the walls and ceiling. The furnishes should be clean, refined and over the top! If your budget is tight... wallpaper is the best way to go!
Mirror's go a long way as well. It's always a good idea to keep your bathroom stocked with candles, room sprays, mouthwash... basically everything to make your guests happy and relaxed to know they can freshen up. 
Ambella Home and Go Home Ltd are a couple favorite brands of ours to find the perfect faucet, sink, mirror, and or etc, when designing a bathroom.
Below are some of our favorite bath accessories to help transform your bathroom into a beautiful powder room. 
Bath Accessories
Bath Towels
$10 - $35
Nile Bath Accessories
$20 - $80
Terrazzo Bath Accessories
$25 - $100
Pietra Bath Accessories