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Last Minute Easter Gift Basket Stuffers

Posted on April 18 2019

Last Minute Easter Gift Basket Stuffers
Lent is almost over, which means Easter Sunday is just a few days away so it’s a great time to get creative and think of some Easter gift ideas! Whether you're shopping for your kids, friends, or family, we’ve picked some of our favorites of Easter approved gifts they'll adore.  They're fitting for all ages from toddlers to adults.
Voluspa Hand & Body Wash & Lotion $22
Available in scents; Rose Petal Ice Cream, Rose Champs, Bergamot Rose, Milk Rose, Birthday Cake and Lemon CoCo
Flaskets $45
 Wearing your heart on your sleeve can is not nearly as fun as wearing your drink on your wrist. Perfect situations that require subtle sipping, this bangle flask might be the most utilitarian and stylish accessory you own.
Insulated Totes
Mermaid Sequin Cooler Tote $38

Let's face it: You're magical. We know it, you know it. Now let the world know it with this mermaid-fabulous cooler tote! Chic sequins that ripple and shine are almost as beautiful as the multiple bottles of wine this bag holds.

Insulated Wine Bag Tote

Keep chilled or frozen items cold with this tote boasting an insulated design. Lift up the flap on the side to discover a spout that lets you dispense beverages.

Voluspa Home Fragrance, Rose & Macaron Candle Collection
Macarons - $13
Candles arrange from $24 to $40
Available in scents; Rose Champs, Birthday Cake, Rose Petal Ice Cream, Bergamot Rose, Milk Rose, Rose Colored Glasses, Violet & Honey, Lemon CoCo and French Toast.
Hibiscus Glass White Fluted Vase $70 - $108
Illume Rollerball Perfumes $14.50
Drink Koozies $8
Urban Agriculture Cocktail Craft Kits $45.95
 Take your personal urban garden to the next level by adding in a great cocktail: with this DIY set you get the herb, muddler, mason jar shaker and straining spoon you need to make the perfect cocktail. There's something special and unique about doing everything, even growing the herbs, yourself, and this Mint Mojito Cocktail kit lets you take the process from start to finish. Comes with: one herb grow kit, one muddler, and one mason jar cocktail shaker and straining spoon. Available in Mint Mojito, Gin & Tonic and Cosmopolitan in-store!
Big Mouth Inc.
Beach Blankets $25
Pool Floats $25 - $30
Inflatable Sprinklers $24.95 - $60
SilicOne Key Rings $25
Vere Prism Cosmetic Clutch $30

The perfect rectangle with an all-over zipper to fit all of your life’s essentials.

Da Bomb Fizzers $7.50
Da Bomb fizzing bath bombs are wonderfully fragrant, and each one has a fun surprise inside! 
Michael Aram Bunny Coin Bank $90
Mariposa Bunny Porringer & Spoon Set $54
Magi-Cool Unicorn Earbuds $10
Unicorn Snot 
SPF $19.99
Face & Body Glitter $12.99
Strawberry Smoothie Body Wash $14
Unicorn Trinket Tray $10
Prince & Princess Inflatable Crowns $6
Microwave Popcorn Maker $25
Bashful Cream Bunny $15
Bashful Navy Bunny $23
Belle Bunny Ballet $15
Bonbon Chick $17
Easter Books $12.50 - $15
Why buy another basic Easter basket this year!? Isn’t it time to step up your Easter basket game? Why not hop online or hop on by to get all the basket fillers to make this year’s basket the most memorable yet!