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Inside HOM Staff Series: Christy

Posted on September 04 2019

Inside HOM Staff Series: Christy

This week I sat down with Christy and asked her some questions about interior design. Christy mainly works in the back of the store in our receiving area here at House of Moseley Monday through Friday's. You also might know Christy greeting you as you walk into our showroom and helping you look for specific pieces for your home or gifts, etc. 




What does interior design mean to you?

Creating warm, comfortable, and interesting home environments for other people. And being able to show off your own personality.

What do you love about working at HOM?

I love that House of Moseley is like working with a one big family!

What is your favorite design style or trend right now?

My favorite trend would have to be rustic decor.

It provide's a wonderful showcase for ingenuity. In a world where so much is virtual, rustic style is boldly, blatantly real. 


What is it about this trend that you love?

I love that it gives a cozy vibe to any space in a home.

It embraces nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy colors, and ultimately an unpretentious, organic warmth. 



What brand do you love the most in store and why?

My favorite brand in the store is Arte Italica! I'm in love with their dinner-ware, drink-ware, serve-ware and flat-ware. I like how simple it is, but yet stylish at the same time. 

What is your favorite item(s) in store right now?


 My favorite right now would have to be the Lucas Indigo Sofa from Lee Industries. The quality is great and it is SO comfortable! I love that their products are made here in the U.S.



Stay tuned for next week's series when we see what inspires our boss/owner/designer, Robert!