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Inside HOM Staff Series: Gabe

Posted on September 18 2019

Inside HOM Staff Series: Gabe

This week I sat down with Gabe and asked him some questions about interior design. Gabe is our web administrator and developer for our online store. He also helps with everything technical from adding things, like our new online gift registry, to any issues we may have with our House of Moseley Facebook. Gabe is our go-to fixer of all broken technology things!

What does interior design mean to you?

Interior design is transforming something (a room, a wall, or even an entire home) into something that is you. A reflection of your own personality.

What do you love about working at HOM?

Being able to see the creations that Robert comes up with. It makes me want to take more risks when it comes to mixing items, colors, and themes in my home. 

What is your favorite design style or trend right now?

My home is a mix of transitional style (mixing modern with traditional styles, specifically wood) and Bohemian Style (use of rattan or wicker and lots of plants). 

What is it about this trend that you love?

Well, it's what my wife loves so.... that's what I love lol.

What brand do you love the most in store and why?

We always have Voluspa candles burning in our home, we love it! And my wife is obsessed with MacKenzie-Childs. 
A recent favorite of ours is Voluspa's Lemon Coco Candle.

What is your favorite item(s) in store right now? 

Well it is nearly fall which means it's time to bust out our MacKenzie-Childs pumpkins. I love everything about MacKenzie-Childs Fall Collection. The pieces are so festive and unique.

Stay tuned for next week's series when we see what inspires our web administrator, social media strategist and blogger, Kelsey!