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Inside HOM Staff Series: Kelsey

Posted on September 25 2019

Inside HOM Staff Series: Kelsey
Hey everyone, I hope you all have been enjoying these "staff series" blogs for the past 6 weeks. It has been nice getting to know a little bit of what my boss and fellow co-workers love about interior design and what styles and items they enjoy the most.
This week, its my turn! If you are unsure of who I am, let me properly introduce myself, my name is Kelsey and I have been an employee at House of Moseley for 5 years now. You might see me here and there and everywhere throughout the store. Usually, you'll see me taking pictures and videos or helping out with customers, but I am mainly hidden in our back office. I am a web administrator, social media strategist, and blogger for House of Moseley. I'm the lady behind the website and all social media posts, and I handle our online shipping as well. ;)

What does interior design mean to you?

Making indoor or outdoor spaces functional and beautiful. Enhancing your decor of what represents you.


What do you love about working at HOM?

 I get to be around beautiful gifts, home accessories, and furniture everyday. It's exciting to see what new things we get in, especially around the holidays. I love that my job is being able to share it with everyone on social media.  


What is your favorite design style or trend right now?

My favorite style would have to be transitional. It's like traditional and modern mixed contemporary style with a touch of shabby chic.

And I also love Gothic decor. I like the medieval look and black furniture and any "dark" decor pieces.  


What is it about this trend that you love?

 I like how versatile it can be. 


What brand do you love the most in store and why?

My favorite brand would have to be Voluspa! Their candles and diffusers smell so good, I mean I really do love all of their scents! And I love that you can re-purpose their candles also.

For instance, once I was finished with my Grande Maison Candle, Makassar Ebony & Peach.. I reused it as a flower vase. I honestly don't think i'll ever buy a flower vase again. You can really re-purpose their candle jars for anything!


  1. Place the jar or candle holder in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

  2. Post Freeze - Use a butter knife to pop the wax out. It should easily break up in large pieces.

  3. Remove the metal wicks at the base of the jar.

  4. Wash the vessel with soapy warm water to remove any remaining wax.

  5. Wipe with a dishcloth to complete the clean.


Fun & simple!


What is your favorite item(s) in store right now?

Pretty much everything in MacKenzie-Childs Halloween Collection, to be honest. But the Courtly Check, Stripe, and Harlequin Pumpkins and Witch Hat are my absolute favorite!

I love anything Halloween!



Thank you everyone for tuning in and to my fellow staff members for participating in this series. If you enjoy reading our blogs, what would you like us to cover in our future columns? Have an idea? Comment below, or reach out to us through Facebook or Instagram!