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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Posted on February 12 2018

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
For those of you who have been living under a rock the past few weeks, Valentine’s Day is two days away! Yes I know, we go through this same thing each year! Don’t worry, we are here to help you get through this (again). You have 4 options: 1) Stop by CVS on your way home and pick up a useless bear and a huge box of chocolate. This is meaningless and is not romantic whatsoever. 2) You can pay an outrageous amount for flowers that you can get for cheaper the day before or after Valentine’s Day (romantic, however they’ll know that you overpaid for them. 3) Order something on Amazon and take advantage of that 2-day shipping (you’d better hurry because you’re cutting it close my friend). Finally, the option that we recommend is 4) stop by House of Moseley and get something beautiful AND meaningful. Maybe it’s a pair of Waterford Crystal Flutes and then pick up a bottle of her favorite champagne and have a toast to love and happiness. Maybe Heart Mini Frame and then print out a picture from Facebook of when you were dating or when you took that one trip together. Maybe you can get her favorite Voluspa candle, a bath bomb, and a bottle of wine and let her unwind after a long day? Aren’t these much better ideas than something you got at the last minute at the drug store? Or better than those flowers you got from the guy selling them at the stop light out of a Home Depot bucket? Do better! Do something meaningful, do something romantic, and do something she’ll tell all her friends about. Look like the hero this Valentine’s Day and let the staff at House of Moseley help you!   



Waterford Love True Love Flute, Pair