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My Trip to Camp MacKenzie-Childs

Posted on January 04 2019

My Trip to Camp MacKenzie-Childs
As most of you may know MacKenzie-Childs is a huge part of our showroom. We are proud to be the only store in Central California to carry this amazing and unique brand. If you are unsure of what MacKenzie-Childs is; it's a fully integrated designer, manufacturer, and multi-channel merchant of high-quality, handcrafted ceramic and enamel tableware, furniture, and home and garden accessories. The brand is best known for distinctive designs that combine vibrant colors and pattern-on-pattern surface decoration to create a fresh, original aesthetic best described as “tradition with a twist.” For more than 30 years, the brand’s talented designers and artisans have created beautiful, original products that add joy and grace to homes great and small throughout the world. Handcrafted MacKenzie-Childs products can be purchased from the company’s retail stores in New York City, Aurora, through distinctive fine retailers in the U.S. and around the world, and right here in Bakersfield, CA at House of Moseley! ;)
A couple months ago, in mid-November, I had the privilege to take a trip to Aurora, New York to visit Camp MacKenzie-Childs, and what an amazing experience it was! As you enter the winding brick driveway, you’ll know you are arriving at a very special place. 

The dairy barn houses and production studio—where today, handmade, hand decorated majolica pottery, furniture, and home furnishings are crafted by the brands talented artisans. The grounds—open to the public—are home to sprawling gardens, a Second-Empire Farmhouse furnished with MacKenzie-Childs designs that is open for tours, and a retail shop filled with tableware, home furnishings, and gifts. The whole factory smelled like lavender!
It had felt as if I won the golden ticket, going to see Willy Wonka himself. The factory and farmhouse was a walk through memory lane.
Remembering the time when I first met artists Richard and Victoria, I could feel the love that they had poured into the farmhouse. Richard and Victoria are best known for MacKenzie-Childs tableware. They also have lines of table linens, painted furniture, glasses, and lamps. Like all MacKenzie-Childs enamel-ware, it is subtly sophisticated and overtly perky and playfully patterned.
 One of my favorite highlights of this trip was getting to know Rebecca Proctor, the creative director of MacKenzie-Childs, and understanding her love and compassion for what MacKenzie-Childs stands for.
It was a great honor to meet all of the retailers from all different backgrounds at our round table experience. I have gained so much knowledge from this trip and I do believe I walked away with so much more inspiration for my own store. Being able to watch their artisans at work, It gave me so much more appreciation of their work of art. 
What a great experience to see all the behind the scenes of magic that makes MacKenzie-Childs such a unique and fun brand. Be sure to stop by our showroom and see the magic of MacKenzie-Childs for yourself!