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Tree Decorating Tips!

Posted on December 12 2017

Tree Decorating Tips!
By now hopefully you have your tree up and decorated. If not, that’s ok, House of Moseley has your back! First, we have some standard tree decorating guides. We posted this on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but just in case you missed it here’s the breakdown for each tree size:
7.5 Foot Tree
150 Ornaments
1 Tree Topper
10-12 Feet of Garland
12 Floral Stems
16 yards of ribbon and a tree skirt
9 Foot Tree
175 Ornaments
1 Tree Topper
14-16 Feet of Garland
16 Floral Stems
20 yards of ribbon and a tree skirt
10 Foot Tree
200 Ornaments
1 Tree Topper
18-20 Feet of Garland
18 Floral Stems
25 yards of ribbon and a tree skirt
12 Foot Tree
225 Ornaments
1 Tree Topper
22-24 Feet of Garland
20 Floral Stems
30 yards of ribbon and a tree skirt
Now here’s what to do with all that stuff:
There are many different types of garland from small bead-like to big fluffy ribbon type. With the thin garland make sure to weave it so it looks like it’s hanging from the branches for the best look. When it’s the larger ribbon like garland, wrap this loose around the tree and make sure it’s not bunched up, this will make your tree look messy…. Which is NOT the look that we are going for.
Start by adding your larger ornaments to your tree. Be sure to space them out from the other larger ornaments. Then add your medium then small ornaments creating a full look for your tree. At any point feel free to add those sentimental ornaments like the ones the kids made when they are young.
Ribbon/Floral Stems
We have some great examples of how awesome your tree can look just with ribbon! Sure, you can put a star on the top of your tree, but if you’re going for the designer tree look, then you need to make good use of creating a large and sparkly tree topper! This not only adds extra height to your tree, it truly makes the top of your tree look fuller.
As always, you can get these items and more in-store or online at House of Moseley. Let our decorating experts help you design and create the perfect Christmas tree for your party, office, or event. Remember to fill that tree with awesome gifts from all your favorite brands at House of Moseley!