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Heirloom Glass Globe Vase - Large


This graceful glassware line certainly deserves its name. By pairing bold patterns of robust black-and-white stripes, arresting rose blossoms and splashes of gold polka dots, Heirloom Glassware will be treasured for generations to come. The Heirloom Glass Globe Vase stands out with delicate flowers, touches of gold, and robust black-and-white stripes-which upon closer inspection reveal an entire rainbow of colors. Mix a set of three-small, medium, and large-for a candle-lit entrance.


5.25" dia., 4.75" tall, 32 oz. capacity


Mouth-blown, hand-painted glass with gold lustre embellishments. Imported. Pieces will vary due to the handmade nature of each product.

Care and Use

Hand-wash with care.